Nov 06, 2023

Faccin HCU two

Faccin offers the HCU plate roller, designed for rolling plates from 0.008 to 0.197 in. thick and 20 to 80 in. wide. Able to handle complex bending requirements and to achieve a bend diameter of less than 3 in., the machine forms cylinders and tanks for use in heating and ventilation systems, filters, exhausts, small tanks, fire extinguishers, and LPG gas tanks.

Every bending roll of the machine is configured with a polyurethane roll which, by exerting dynamic pressure, speeds up the plate forming process, ensuring the straight end of the produced rolls is removed and simplifying the prebending-rolling-prebending sequences typical of three- or four-roll bending machines. Furthermore, the hydromechanical roll lifting system (RGS) helps ensure positioning repeatability and constant working pressures.

The top roll (spindle pipe) size can be changed to accommodate for material and diameter changes. The two-roll design, robust frame, and advanced controls help ensure production of high-volume, precision, repeatable parts.