Jun 10, 2023

HORN USA, Inc. Showroom

1870 General George Patton Dr Franklin, TN 37067 US 615-771-4100 [email protected]

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When this machine shop lost 90% of its business within three months, a reinvention was in order. Here's how it survived after quickly falling on hard times.

The M409 tangential milling system features precision-ground inserts to achieve a high surface quality at the bottom of the groove and on the flanks.

The Horn Group mourns the death of its longstanding corporate leader, Lothar Horn, who died on Feb. 5, 2023, at the age of 66.

IMTS 2022: The SC6A and IG6B grades complement the tool system for high-feed milling and enable customers to choose the grades best adapted to their machining applications.

Review of the HORN Technology Days 2023. Thank you for being part of it! #HORN #Technologietage #technologydays.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

The new HORN chip breaking geometry I for the Mini Type 108 system is suitable for copy turning, longitudinal turning and facing.

The groove and cut off milling system M475 achieves high economic efficiency through the use of precision-ground indexable ...

Review of the HORN Technology Days 2023. Thank you for being part of it! #HORN #Technologietage #technologydays.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

The new HORN chip breaking geometry I for the Mini Type 108 system is suitable for copy turning, longitudinal turning and facing.

The groove and cut off milling system M475 achieves high economic efficiency through the use of precision-ground indexable ...

Horn USA has developed a variety of different tooling solutions to assist end users and manufacturers of machine tools in the pipe and coupling production market.

Horn’s EH geometry mitigates parting-off cutting forces and ensures chip control, increasing rigidity and enabling higher feed rates as a result.

These features can help improve cutting tool stability, standardize cutting performance and extend tool life, enabling shops to confidently run unattended shifts.

Cutting tool technology is advancing and shops’ needs are changing as well. A leading cutting tool supplier offers this view.

The new facility’s production area is expected to triple capacity over Horn’s current Tennessee facility.

Horn USA has developed quick-change tooling systems to drastically reduce set-up and toolchange times for Swiss-type lathes, including those with through coolant.

The design freedom of additive manufacturing delivers increased performance to cutting tools. At the world’s leading exposition for machine tools, I saw various examples of this.

Designed for the Supermini tool system, Horn’s HP geometry is suitable for drilling, boring, face turning and skimming.

More than 91,000 attendees gathered at the AMB trade show in Germany to visit 1,553 exhibitors and talk about the impact of e-mobility, Industry 4.0 and other relevant topics.

As Germany’s second-largest export market, the United States took delivery of 1.12 billion euros worth of German machine tools in 2017, which is up 20 percent compared to 2016. For incoming orders, the German Machine Tool Builders’ Association, VDW, is optimistic that the United States will follow a moderate growth path, thanks in part to the government’s tax cuts.

By switching to a new boring bar, a contract shop that specializes in precision Swiss turning and machining reduced one part’s cycle time by more than seven minutes.

L.A.Y. Precision Machine’s cycle time to bore a hole in a bushing was more than eight minutes. Horn USA’s Supermini type-105 tool system with an HS36-grade boring bar insert reduced this cycle time.

Various factors, including the machine, cutting tools and operator, must be taken into consideration to turn very small parts.

European Correspondent Barbara Schulz’s recent visit to U.S. shops revealed some of the technologies American manufacturers apply and the challenges they face as they work to become more globally competitive.

The company highlighted its facility expansions and new cutting tool technologies during a recent open house at its global headquarters in Tübingen, Germany.

PMTS 2017: Horn USA's Supermini cutting tool’s new substrate, coating and edge preparation is said to provide high-performance results in small diameters.

A collet chuck system from Horn USA Inc. helped firearm parts manufacturer Manufacturing Partners Inc. hit is productivity targets.

Billed as “The Drive Technology Show,” this year’s event featured new machine designs and cutting tools, heat-treat processes, and materials and hardening processes for hybrid transmission applications.

The Supermini Type-105 tool system from Horn is designed for demanding boring applications involving diameters ranging from 0.2 and 6 mm (0.008" and 0.236"), with more than 1,000 versions of the carbide insert that fit one toolholder.

The company is investing the equivalent of some $76 million in the expansion which, it is said, will make the company’s Tübingen, Germany, manufacturing presence the largest in the area.

Horn has added a type-842 cartridge system featuring smaller dimensions for machining smaller workpieces to its 940 modular grooving system comprising a basic holder, a grooving toolholder and a cartridge.

Every two years, cutting tool and carbide specialist Horn invites customers, distributors, suppliers and the industrial press to Tübingen, Germany for its Technology Days event. This year, the highlights include news of expanded production space, plans for a new office building and details of innovative product developments.

Horn’s 25A face grooving system includes a toolholder with square shanks, cassettes and round shanks with internal coolant to boost chip flow.

Horn’s M117P face milling cutter is designed for high-polish milling applications.

Horn offers a range of tooling for mechanical machining of pipes and sleeves for the crude oil and gas industries.

Horn USA’s Mini Mill helped Machine Tool and Gear mill a flat at 90 degrees from other operations.

Horn offers a range of carbide blanks for precision tools in both ground and raw-sintered versions.

The Horn HP65-grade S224 indexable insert with through-tool coolant features the company’s 3V geometry and a 3-mm (0.118") grooving width.

An examination of Horn’s recently expanded DAH series sheds light on the design features that make high-feed milling inserts effective. These particular tools also offer their own advantages.

Horn’s biennial “Technology Days” proved aptly named, as attendees were treated to a wealth of technical information. That included a tour of a new carbide plant where “green” inserts are shaped via extrusion and injection molding.

During the 2013 edition of its biennial “Technology Days” event, Horn treated the press to a tour of its entire manufacturing operation. Here are a few highlights.

Among the 10 products being introduced in the U.S. for the first time are the 109 type Supermini series grooving and boring tools and the S100 cutting insert with internal cooling.

This year, the volcano in Iceland didn’t stop Chris Koepfer, editor-in-chief of Production Machining magazine, from visiting grooving tool maker P.H. Horn for its Technology Days open house and seminar in Tubingen, Germany.

On April 17, I was ticketed on a flight from Atlanta to Stuttgart, Germany at the invitation of cutting tool maker Horn USA. Unfortunately, the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano disrupted my trip.

A cutting tools supplier developed a grooving tool with an 18-inch gage length and a radial runout of just 0.004 inch. That tool enabled a gearbox manufacturer to increase its groove milling feed rate tenfold for a hard-to-reach bore.

Horn USA offers Solutions Plus, a combination of the company’s custom tooling solutions for difficult machining applications and a guaranteed 2-week delivery with free overnight shipping. The company indicates when a tool is available for the program on its official quotation.

The DA multi-milling system offers solutions for face milling, corner milling, plunge and pocket milling, chamfering and pre-drilling tasks. The system’s positive geometry helps reduce the risk of vibration because the tools and drive units are only slightly loaded. Diameter-specific inserts with helical reliefs ar

This year marks the 10th anniversary of cutting-tools manufacturer Horn USA, which is located in Franklin, Tennessee. The Horn USA headquarters occupies approximately 25,000 square feet and can grind over 50,000 cutting tool inserts per month for grooving, parting-off and small-boring applications. A subsidiary of

This tier-one auto supplier pooled metalworking talents to develop custom groove milling tools to deliver the accuracy and finish necessary for precision brake caliper grooves.

Traditionally, a grooving tool grooves, a facing tool faces and, of course, special tools do special cuts. Improved insert manufacturing technology and toolholder design is changing this tradition, allowing specialized tooling to be used more generically in a wider variety of metalcutting applications.

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