Jun 11, 2023

Accurex TubeInspect optical measurement systems support manual, automated tube processes

The new TubeInspect P16.2 HRC and TubeInspect P8.2 HRC systems from Accurex Measurement provide fast, fully optical measurement of tubes and tubular assemblies. With their speed and hands-off measurement, the machines support both manually fed CNC bending and fully automated operations.

The systems, which include eight or 16 high-resolution cameras, can perform dimensional inspection of assemblies with complex end fittings, end forms, brackets, and multiple tubes.

They measure tube in diameters from 0.8 to 200 mm, with accuracy from 35 to 85 microns. Tubes up to 2.5 m can be measured in a single snapshot, and longer tubes are measured in multiple positions. Measurement time is typically 10 to 30 seconds.