May 07, 2024

Sunbelt invests £2.6m in pipe fusing kit

Sunbelt’s investment includes the purchase of McElroy's TracStar 900i Butt Fusion and TracStar 500 Series 3 Automatic machines.

Sunbelt now stocks seven different types of McElroy TracStar machines, as well as the McElroy MegaMc 1200mm. The machines are used for ‘welding’ polyethylene (PE) pipes together by heating both ends and clamping them together.

The TracStar 900i has a CAN bus control system and various hydraulic, mechanical and electrical upgrades. An integrated software-controlled system provides operators with a range of automation levels for better consistency and adherence to standards. The TracStar 500 Series 3 is a self-contained, self-propelled machine that produces consistently high-quality PE pipe butt fusion joints, it is claimed.

"Our ongoing partnership with McElroy allows us to provide our customers with the most advanced fusion machines available in the market," said Brent Smith, Sunbelt Rentals director of utilities. "The investment in the TracStar 900i and 500 Series 3 reinforces our commitment to delivering innovative solutions while maintaining our position as a leader in the industry. We're excited to offer these cutting-edge machines to our customers and are confident they will exceed their expectations in terms of efficiency and quality."

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