Hydraulic Steel Pipe Bending Machine, 50CNC Full

Hydraulic Steel Pipe Bending Machine, 50CNC Full

PRIMA (seeking local agency&dealer) metal Pipe Bending MachineProduct introductionMachine purpose overview: The company'


Basic Info.
Specification 5200x2100x1560mm
Trademark Prima
Origin Nanjing, China
HS Code 8456901000
Production Capacity 100
Product Description
PRIMA (seeking local agency&dealer) metal Pipe Bending MachineProduct introductionMachine purpose overview:
The company's products can be the ideal processing equipment of bending metal pipe, pipe shrinkage,pipe reinforcement, pipe cutting, pipe riveting and so on and further widely used in various industries such as automobile, motorcycles, bicycles, steel furniture, air conditioning, shipbuilding, sanitaryequipment, pipe processing and other industries.
Adapted material:
steel pipe, stainless steel, copper pipe, aluminum pipe;
Recommended application industry:
automobile fittings ( oil pipe for brake, muffler, seats), motorcycle, healthy equipment, air-conditioning, bicycle,steel furniture, sanitary wares and so on.
Machine feature:1.This machine can be operated simple and clear by touch screen.
2.This machine equips pneumatic system and complies with environmental protection with high stability and cost -efficient.3.Automatic recognize the work piece , slow returning core with slow rate but quickly working in process. material is boosted by a trolley that can improve the appearance of angle.4.Touch screen operation, computer numerical control.5.graphical programming system: drawing and modifying the three-dimensional drawing on the screen, makes the program operation simple, quick and correct.6.Rebound test: comparison test for the features of batches of pipes.7.Single-step debugging function: a careful observation on the deformation of the pipe from the trial manufacture of dies.8.Automatic drawing of the graphics of dies: observably help to develop new products.9.Over-all inspection: hydraulic/electrical circuit/ driving systems, absence of phase /inversion, voltage, temperature, oil pressure, and automatically diagnose the troubles. other data such as passwords, keys, working hours/ quantities recording are applied to manufacturing management.
detailed description:parameter
Maximum pipe diameter × wall thicknessΦ19×1.5Φ25×1.8Φ38×2.0Φ51×2.0Φ63×2.5Φ76×3.0Φ89×3.0Φ114×8.0
Standard feeding distance1200mm1800mm2200mm2500mm2500mm2600mm3200mm3600mm
Feed typeStraight feeding or jigStraight feeding or jigStraight feeding or jigStraight feeding or jigStraight feeding or jigStraight feeding or jigStraight feeding or jigStraight feeding or jig
Maximum bending radius90mm120mm175mm200mm250mm300mm350mm400mm
Maximum angel of bending185°185°185°185°185°185°185°185°
Numbers of single pipe bends1616161616161616
Numbers of parts saved400sets400sets400sets400sets400sets400sets400sets400sets
Rotation paceMax.270°/sMax.270°/sMax.270°/sMax.270°/sMax.270°/sMax.180°/sMax.180°/sMax.180°/s
Feeding paceMax.1000mm/sMax.1000mm/sMax.900mm/sMax.900mm/sMax.900mm/sMax.700mm/sMax.700mm/sMax.700mm/s
Rotation accuracy±0.15°±0.15°±0.15°±0.15°±0.15°±0.15°±0.15°±0.15°
Feeding accuracy±0.1mm±0.1mm±0.1mm±0.1mm±0.1mm±0.1mm±0.1mm±0.1mm
Rotation servo power400W400W400W750W750W1KW1KW1.5W
Feeding servo power750W1KW1KW1KW1.5W2KW2KW3.5W
Oil pressure motor power3KW3KW4KW5.5KW5.5KW7.5KW11KW15KW
Total weight1200KG1350KG2000KG2500KG2800KG3600KG4000KG5000KG
boundary dimension(mm)2760×690×1000 3000×780×11003400×780×11604200×850×11604300×850×11605700×1080×1400

Technical specifications:
About Prima Factory: Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the center of China's machine tool industry, Mingjue Industrial Park , Shiqiu Town, Lishui Zone, Nanjing Our company specializes in Table type CNC Fiber Laser cutting machine, exchangeable table cnc fiber laser cutting machine, press brake, shearing machine , PIPE BENDING MACHINE,ironworker, punching machine , HVAC ducting machine and other metal forming forging equipment development and sales, our product positioning in the middle-top quality class. We commit a modern enterprise management methods, committed management and meticulous management and zero defect operation. Based on the quality of the product management, its excellent quality, innovative design, reasonable price, and improve after-sales service to win the majority of Chinese and foreign customers praise. Primapress Brand sheet metal processing equipment. Widely used in automobile manufacturing, communications, computers and so on. Prima CNC insist on leading technology strategy, positioning in the "do-class machine, a first-class brand," the high level of long-term sales of CNC machine tools in the process, not only to cultivate a number of series of numerical control products, while cultivating a group of skilled, practical style of high-quality workforce. Enterprises have their own research and development institutions, with the domestic strong product research and development of skills. Primapress specializes in the export business, our company already has CE certification and have one international after-sales team , Our machines are widely exported to Southeast Asia, EU, USA , South America, the Middle East and other markets around 100 nations with good quality, suitable price, comprehensive after-sales service, was widely welcomed by customers and unanimously approved. Our company ambition is "build quality brand, do excellent machine",it is also the company's entrepreneurial spirit and look forward to domestic and overseas friends to visit. FAQ:

Q1. Trade company or manufacturer?

A: We manufacturer

Q2. Is it easy to operate for the new user ?
A: very easy

Q3. What should I do when the machine is in trouble? A: Take photos and videos and contact our sales at once.

Q4: How long does it take to learn how to operate a laser cutting machine?
A: A couple of hours

Q5: Is it harmful to human body when in operation ?
A: no,very safe.

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